lying to the one you love

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Submitted: August 05, 2012

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Submitted: August 05, 2012



they say (whoever the fuck “they”

are) that “honesty is the best policy” &

presumably, one assumes (though

we should never assume, so sayeth

the 7th grade math teachers of the world

---because “assuming makes an ass out

of you & me”) that when speaking in

such a manner, the talk is of personal

relationships---something we value,

something we feel we take part in on a

daily basis, something in which we feel

we have some sort of control over


hell, that big ol’ work of fiction proclaims

emphatically “thou shall not lie,”

presumably casting a negative light on any

lil’ fib or any embellishment which may seem

a bit too extravagant to hold any

truth at all---thus making the greatest

storytellers of all time, liars & for that fact,

depending on how down-to-the-nitty-gritty

you get, this makes each & every one of us

with out 100% recall when it comes to the

memory dept., liars as well,

pure & simple.


with that in mind, one not need to listen to

Billy Joel drone on, instead we all live as

hypocrites, saying one thing & doing another,

expecting the one we shown the most

compassion to, to return the favor,

while hoping that the more powerful entities

of the world will do the same---

but before the monstrous piles upon piles of

libel manufactured in the world over

can come to a hilt, that first little web is



it comes when one convinces themselves that

to reveal a certain truth to said loved one

would actually do more harm than “good” &

the convincing may take hours, it may take

days, but in the end, the outcome is the same---

a lie is made.


and every time a lie is made, it gets easier---

though the lies all get filed under the same


“things that would have done more harm than


it is the ease of the lying which develops like a


slowly metastasizing until it has spread

throughout the body,

laying the groundwork for the




of said relationship.



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