mosque crawlers

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Submitted: May 26, 2012

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Submitted: May 26, 2012



CIA & the NYPD’s got a thing for hassling those who

get down on their knees to “pray” to one kind of

fiction, as opposed to another---

in Jersey,

they got a way of always being around when

Jersey muslims are trying to dwell in a specific delusion

on their own, whilst good ol’ christians get nothing of



saying that islam = violence

without recognizing the violence that


has thwarted (and continues to thwart) upon the world,

or for that matter

any religion, whose members at one time or another

have found reason to try & convert others to their way of


be it with the sword or the ak-47,

is both ignorant & more dangerous than the supposed

terrorists that feds are seeking in one community,

forgetting the rest.


all religion inspires insanity

all religion allows a person to think that there is something greater

than this one world in which we coexist &

that the destruction of all humanity,

if needed by said deity,

would be a small price to pay

to get whatever gold star is promised---

if you are going to hassle one group of lunatics

for practicing their lunacy,

then you need to be hassling them all.

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