naive & random assumptions

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Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



naïve & random assumptions


came crashing into the apartment in

the early morn & when ya did ya

thought that anything that got smashed

would be easy to pick up or sweep up

or chances are (more likely) that the

fact is you never thought about the

repercussions of your smashing into

the apartment in the early morn at all.


came into said person’s life in the early

eve like the proverbial bat outta that

fictional land of perpetual punishment

that all the crazy crazy christians hold

so dear in their hands tryin’ to scare

the rest of us into submission & when

ya did ya thought it would be an easy

one, in & out quick like a bunny, just

like a convenient store robbery out in

the sticks---shit, ya thought you wouldn’t

even need to wear a mask.


came stomping out of said apartment

after breaking said person’s heart

thinking that the walk to the care would

be quick & the getaway would be simpler

than highway robbery (wherever this

highway is that robberies are in fact oh so

simple), and just within reach, the car door

was just within reach, right before that

pesky blunt object

gripped in the hands of said newly terrified,

angry, broken apart &

psychotic ex-important person,

now comes crashing down on the back

of your head,

smushing all your brains out onto the


like chunky peanut butter being spread

on newly toasted


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