nasal nostalgia

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some sweet succulent smell reminds of long ago

reminds of better times

(apple orchard, college dorm, time spent stuck inside

on a snowy evening)

reminds of beloved people now long gone (gf, bf,

random 1ns)

reminds of the moments that make our hearts race

(1st kiss, 1st time on stage, 1st  walk in a foreign


reminds of the ways in which the human body can

flip (into foreplay),

twirl (heating up),

pulsate (geyser bâclée) &

convulse with pleasure

(reverberations throughout) &


breathing in


breathing in again---

there are smells which tell of times spent with family


which may no longer be with us

that make the gut wrench in pain &

the heart ache

when they return unwanted

(due to the interruption of our lives, invasive return) &

this is why two people can smell the same thing

with a completely different tone in the

reception of the following situation---

we fall in love with our smells &

we run from them, but alas,

unlike the sights & sounds that accompany our


they take the longest to fade---

it is even said that mothers can recognize their

biological young by

their smell,

though how nostalgic that can be,

one wonders.


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