no epitome

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Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012



there was a time when

the delusional

blamed what they termed


on “creatures,” “spirits” &


all were meant to terrify

the living whilst at the same

time making them comfortable

in knowing that they had

imagined the most horrible things

that could possibly be &

in doing so,

their world made sense again.


the unknown (source of

their actual fear) was so much

less terrifying when it had a

face &

those who held the mutual delusion,

felt that face was

the epitome of all that could be



that is to say,

every day that went by

would bring real life hardships

full of diseases they could not detect,

starvation due to crop failure or

the inability to acquire meat supplying

that vital protein which has kept our

minds a’churnin’ for so long & yet,

time & energy 

would be spent in the creation of more

tales of fiction &

in the suffering at the hand of such tales,

where new real life catastrophes

had to be woven into the characteristics

of all the delusions, so as to keep them


had there been a threat level imagined,

such as the one dreamt up by dubya,

then it probably would have been painted

on planks less perfect than 2 x 8’s sold at

Home Depot. fashioned in some way at the

entrance to the village,

so as to welcome all visitors

with the right amount of



there are people who still delight in

the panic of ages past, who feel more

secure in being scared of anything the

imagination can muster, in order to provide

a constant epitome of what they believe to

be “evil,” so as to keep the world at bay

(inside their head), so that comfort comes

when the whole world still makes


when the whole world is guided by


when the individual has meaning---

it is these very people

who in reality,

are those to be most feared,

when they get their hands on power,

when they get their hands on a microphone &

when the masses who want everything to

make sense,

start to listen to them.


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