nose hair shuffle

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Submitted: July 25, 2012

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Submitted: July 25, 2012



found himself doing

something of a nose hair shuffle,

cause’ when she rolled over &

looked up lovingly

(ode to early twenty-something bliss),

soaked in her own juices

filling up his present world

with an aura of salaciously

sensual & succulent saporific scents

sending seductively saltigrade &

sensationally sentient shudders

speeding throughout his


because you see,

up until this moment, no lady in his bed

had ever commented on the fact that

those little hairs were flailing,

or perhaps he had just hit an age

whereupon the time spent on

trimming such hairs

seemed to be more


than those younger years



so he took the hint,

jumping up, making his way to the


looking for a small pair scissors,

but to no avail &

he then began to panic,

looking for an electric razor

(but he knew he didn’t own one,

because he never bought one),

but again, to no avail---

all he had were the disposable razors

which he used to chop away the

5 o’clock shadow,

which he allowed  to grow over the

weekend, before he had to mow the lawn

& return to wage slavery on



after stepping out of the bathroom to

take a quick gander at her laying

sprawled out with her legs open,

he jumped quickly back in front of the

mirror, picked up a disposable &

tore the blades upwards across the bottom

of his nose, getting rid of the wild hairs

that she had pointed out only moments


while also slicing himself,

causing a flow of blood

which handfuls of toilet paper

took an embarrassing amount of time

to mop up.


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