nothing in the 21st

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Submitted: September 18, 2012

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Submitted: September 18, 2012



a. “you know, i tried to call you yesterday,

but i couldn’t get a hold of you…were you

not picking up your phone?”

b. “no.”

a. “then i checked on facefuck & you weren’t on,

you hadn’t twatted all day either…”

b. (silence)

a. “well, i was just wondering what you were

doing the whole day.”

b. “wasn’t doing anything.”

a. “you weren’t doing anything?”

b. “nope. nothing.”

a. “so you just decided not to answer your phone,

just decided to cut off the whole fucking world

so you could sit around & do nothing?”

b. “yup.”

a. “well, that’s awfully egocentric, really

supercilious of you.”

b. “really?  didn’t have a thing to do with anybody

else…wasn’t being scornful towards anyone in

the doing.”

a. “well, the world doesn’t revolve around you…

you can’t just do nothing…you can’t just slice

yourself off from the rest of us, you know?”

b. “didn’t know i had to ask permission to be,


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