personal tragedy

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“A tree never hits an automobile except in self defense.”

-American Proverb

Submitted: October 17, 2011

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Submitted: October 17, 2011



when your car flips & you are in it,

the crashing down upon the road,

upside down & your head hits the glass

with shards & blood everywhere,

everything slows down to the minute.


every next move, every next face, every

next smile, every next joke, every next bit of

your personal tragedy,

comes at you like a speeding bullet in slow

motion---and you want to watch every groove

of its every turn before it hits you in the chest.


coming so close to death without prior knowledge

of such an event opens your eyes to the fragility of

your existence---it shows you that there is nothing

to tear about---anyone who would suffer would still

be alive.


your own death would only affect others.


coming into this world as an evolutionary accident,

without any purpose or meaningful iota of existence


your flame can be blown out just as quick &

there is no basking glow at the end of some tunnel---

there is nothing beyond the final closing of those eyes,

but one can tell you,

one who has undergone a personal tragedy,

wherein the human body is shown for the oddly


up parts of brittle being that it truly is,

that those that help you along the way back into


are the people who were

“just doing their jobs,”

but instead, you yourself know that

they could never be paid enough &

no amount of words could thank them

for never losing their cool.

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