playing with the young christians head

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: February 19, 2012

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Submitted: February 19, 2012



playing with the young christian’s head


when i was in 6th grade,

i can remember the rumors from a neighboring school


about a young girl around my age

who had gone into the bathroom &

rambled on “bloody mary” repeatedly in front of the


apparently, as the story went, she ended up in the


because she had been traumatized by something that

“attacked” her in the bathroom &

the scared little christians who populated the middle

of nowhere elementary school

thought that demons, or a witch, or something

downright awful

had shone its face to the girl,

and so, as little kids do

(unfortunately, no different than “adults”),

the morbid curiosity & a combination of boredom

throughout the day

forced some of them to go into the bathroom at my

school &

repeat the same idiotic behavior

in order to “summon” whatever it was that

had been rumored to show up

when you should’ve been pissing or taking a shit.


my own threshold for annoyance had about been

pushed to its limit &

so i myself went into the bathroom, turned the light off

(so my moronic classmates could see the crack under

the door become dark) &

proceeded to dig my fingertips (never had much

fingernail growth as i bite them like a fiend) into my

neck enough as to leave a few red streaks---

and i put my favorite shocked face on, flicking on the

light again &

walking out into the classroom.


with wide eyes like those of parishioners of an

evangelical psycho,

they stared up at me, a nonbeliever, in a combination

of brand new horror,

mixed with a self-righteous “i told you so, now don’t

you believe?  ain’t ya gonna come over to our side of

the tracks now?” look

painted all over their faces.


after i sat down,

depicting as much fake shock & horror that i could


i started to laugh with a mixture of disgust

stemming from looking in their brainwashed eyes &

utter relief,

that i myself could not be made to believe as they.

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