prayer & reflection

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Submitted: July 27, 2012

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Submitted: July 27, 2012



“prayer” & reflection


clasping hands together,

getting down on their knees,

squinting eyes closed

(in decent lighting which certainly

doesn’t call for such action),

concentrating on that thing inside

the most irrationally desperate parts of

their mind,

they begin to talk to themselves,

be it an internal dialogue

or actual, physical, muttering

just loud enough so

for some reason,

they can hear themselves doing it &

on top of it all,

outside speaking to a fantasy that

they perpetuate

by indulging in the same fictions

which so many have before them,

they go on to

attribute some greater, collective,

all-inclusive, warm &

“uniquely human”


to events which are said to warrant

such truly insignificant time spent---

for only alone

does a concept of reflection

actually hold water,

since any kind of grouping together of

humans, breeds a

mass mentality---

so, to what end does this madness


what becomes of so many individuals

pretending that their infantile

squinting & hoping

squinting & hoping

amounts to anything more than a

fart in the wind?


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