prison life

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Submitted: August 22, 2012

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Submitted: August 22, 2012



prison life.

life prison.

life as a prison.

prison as a life.

what can be said is


if one doesn’t want to

be where one is, doing

what one is doing, then

one is imprisoned---

the walls are high, built

of the strongest, most

impenetrable concrete &

no matter how many swings

your arms may take with

the heaviest instrument you can

find, not a crack will be made &

no Shawshank Redemption tunnels

will be burrowed out, because

alas, this isn’t fucking

hollywood, now is it.


this prison is something

that you are taught from the

youngest age, that you do not

get placed in unless you do something

wrong---you’re taught by those

who are already imprisoned by

their own deeds & their own

submission to the will of the whole &

as they are already hollowed out &

dead inside, the act of imprisoning

others is no longer an isolated incident,

it is a way of life---like the most

destructive of diseases, it festers out from

the minds who have given up, who

have lost control of themselves, who

have abandoned all creative &

beautiful aspects of what it is to be

human, who have settled on

trying to make all those around them

walk, talk & act like

what it is they’ve become.


from the inside out comes change,

because the prison thrust upon us

by others is not one that needs to be

accepted, it is not one that needs to be

ingested & it is not one that needs to be

passed on like a baton in some grand

world games that brings smiles to those

already washed of their own sense of

being, of their own sense of what it

was like to have any individual sense of

happiness, whatsoever.


humor, if you let it, if you indulge in it,

will obliterate the attempt on your life.


humor is that lovely contagion that will

bring endorphins to your brain when you

laugh & it will cleanse the mind of the

walls imposed on you daily.


laugh in the face of those who need things

to be the way they want.  laugh at those

who march with power they need to feel good

about themselves.  laugh & don’t worry

about the world cuing in, getting the picture &

laughing with you---laughter, humor & smiling

within can bring you out of this prison,

regardless of whether you are

allowed to be


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