ruined pleasures

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Submitted: July 22, 2012

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Submitted: July 22, 2012



knew a cinematographer &

the images s/he was used to

during the time spent on the set

made it hard for her/him

to take in a film for fun &

the irony of it all

was that the love of movies as a


brought them to the devotion of

said life

to the manufacture of them.


knew a musician who spent all

waking hours, making music &

recording, but as the years went


they spent less & less time

enjoying the melodies, riffs,

rhymes, beats & tunes,

which gave them the passion as a


to fight the battle of the music

industry (or such that it is).


a pattern arises

when the love of your life

is dragged into the sphere of

wage slavery,

when the labor of your love

is reduced to only


for then you associate

every step along the way

of doing what you loved

with the outcome of a paycheck

(and that is all),

so when you come in contact

with the work of other’s,

you can no longer see with anything

but a

critical eye.

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