sabotage at the workplace

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Submitted: May 18, 2012

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Submitted: May 18, 2012



the worker bees buzz &

the management, the authority figures,

crunch down the boots

on the backs of us all

tossing crumbs & wanting

better production, faster pace,

silence (no talking, only work) &

for us all to be company whores

dedicated to the cause of

profit for the few who sit atop the pyramid of

this specific little corporate tyranny---

such is the nature of the beast

such is the reality of the empire

such is the “successful wonder” of capitalism &

those that want it to be this way

see nothing changing, for like so many

disgusting traditions which people cling onto for dear


they’d be so sad to see it go &

even more so,

ever so sad to share anything with the rest of us or

get down in the grit & dirt themselves

to actually work for a living---

and as the machine churns,

most workers think that there is nothing that can be


many have families & do not want to rock the boat,

while many have plans that extend for years

roaming round their heads like marbles rolling on a


hardwood floor &

they’ve all drank the kool-aid,

they’ve all signed off before the actual body does

so that the mind will not stir

(bearing any thoughts that what is being done here

might not be

just, that what is being done here just might need to

be dismantled)---

a worker who knows that

to interrupt the flow

a worker who knows that

to get in the way of production, is to put a halt on

profit & to

put a halt on profit means that every cog in the chain

of command will get

spoken to & eventually chaos will arise,

is an anarchist who understands the beauty of



simply deciding to leave out steps in a process


simply deciding to ignore quality overlooking &

simply deciding to destroy whole bits of product

when the

heads are turned for a brief moment,

will begin to bring the place down---

for the saboteurs in this game are only true agents of

change &

when those who have been oppressed in the

company have had enough,

starting to wreck it from within,

like a fresh new cancer,

watch all the company’s horses &

all the company’s men,

try to put their little company

back together again.

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