showdown at the UK corral

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Submitted: August 17, 2012

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Submitted: August 17, 2012



even though Correa has finally

granted asylum to Julian

so that the empire’s little concubines

in England & Sweden can’t

pass him off to the growling beasts

salivating & waiting in the shadows of

the US (hands twitching fervently

in seething anticipation, all ready to

to torture him far far worse than

Bradley Manning has already been

& inevitably kill him in order to

spread fear to all who might try &

expose its lies & grotesquely villainous

acts in the attempt to stop it from beating

us all into further submission), the British

government wields its threats now to raid

the Ecuadorian embassy in order to chain

him up & take him, this man who has

opened the door, who has shown the

people of the world that they need not

get down on their knees & accept the

demands of the US---

that we need not lay down for the rape

that we need not do what we are told,

abiding the will of destruction that it

marches ahead with throughout the world

without conscience, as if history will

not remember what is happening, as if

this monster is impenetrable & invincible,

as if

it will never finally fall &

at home, here in the belly of the beast,

we will suffer at the hands of president

hope & change, whose National Defense

Authorization Act, eliminates Habeas Corpus

for us private citizens, using nearly $650 billion

dollars of our tax money to do so---

this showdown in the UK, shows just how

far the British government is going to go, in

order to suppress any individual who is

trying to illuminate & inform---it shows

just what the powers that be will do in order to

be good little dogs, tugging at their leashes,

held by the policeman of the world &

if they get away with it, it will be yet another

nail in the coffin of our species---

one more in the greater series of taking away

our rights, one more in the greater series

of commanding us to do the bidding of the

wealthy interests of the world & one more

in the rapid move towards extinction.

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