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“I think it’s necessary for people in city government and people who support progressive politics to make clear their support of the 99 percent. I’m horrified as to what happened in Oakland yesterday and in New York today. The people who are working for these mayors and police and so on are doing Wall Street’s business for them, and we need to stand up against it. That’s why I stepped down.”

-Dan Siegel, Former chief legal adviser to Mayor Jean Quan of Oakland, CA, in conversation with Amy Goodman of on 11/15/11

Submitted: November 16, 2011

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Submitted: November 16, 2011



follow in his footsteps

all you ethical people

writhing within the established

lie-spewing conglomerate

of greed &



follow in the wake of his want for a

reasonable talk with those in


before the pigs came marching in,

understand that he was part of it &

chose to throw it all down the toilet

where it belongs.


understand the choice to put a

blatantly obvious need for


(amidst those that would like things to

remain the same)

before a career & before the friendship with

the mayor,

which spanned many years.


what matters now is that you

can get up in the morning &

continue to get on your knees in the attempt to

suck off every suit on your way to the


or, that you take a stand with the rest of us

who have had enough.


thank you mr. siegel for showing oakland

what it is like to care,

when surrounded by those who enjoy the act of

raping &

pillaging the rest of us.

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