something musical

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Submitted: December 30, 2011

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Submitted: December 30, 2011



another wrinkle comes our way &

takes with it another day

(one that we will never get back)---

another place we’ll soon forget,

another pain, another regret,

another tired evening passes

wondering where it all has gone &

wallowing the whole while long,

but you & i both know

if we really want to try

there is something musical left to sing.


as clichéd as such thoughts can be

as left in the past it all can be

a place that we try to get back to but

there just isn’t the time to spend---


we need to make the time for ourselves

we need to take this life off the shelf &

to spit on those that would try & have it



at what point did any of us ask to be here?

at what point were we given the choice by evolution

to join the fray or

opt out?


like hicks used to say

“i must’ve missed that meeting”---

and so with this logic all that can be drawn

is that no one has the right to say

you MUST do what they want to guarantee your own



excuse me, fucker,

but if i want to die, i will die &

if i want to cry

i will cry &

if i want to destroy every single thing in my path

until something comes along to stop me

i will---

this is the song i’ve chose to sing

this is the place i’ve chose to stand

this is the the thing i’ve chose to assert

this is the life that i demand &

this is the way that i will breathe---




until i’m done singing.

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