spreading tendrils

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: June 02, 2012

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Submitted: June 02, 2012



congratulations to the governments &

the private enterprises

who seek to spy & reap the benefits of those who

offer themselves up to you on a silver platter called


it must have been hard(er) back in the day

to get information on people who

may or may not have wanted to give it up to you---

after all,

there had to be money & time spent,

employing agents to sift through documents &

build files on people,

but today,

citizens do it for you!


this must drive you both to ecstasy.


with names, addresses &

all the relationships between people

being freely deposited into the well o’ zuckerberg,

the spreading tendrils of influence into the lives of

individuals seems both constant &

without end,

for the “need” to be socially networked

becomes the norm

rather than the exception &

it’s gotten to the point that because people update their

facebook accounts so quickly,

revealing everything about them in real time,

well hell,

you don’t even need to tap the phones anymore!


but one goes about their facebooking innocently---

they tell themselves

“i have nothing to hide”

“i’ve done nothing wrong”

so volunteering every aspect of their lives to the company

who collects information from the citizens of the empire

doesn’t seem like something to worry about &

those who say that it is, get deemed paranoid

conspiracy fanatics,

so it continues &

US intelligence agencies

get their work done for FREE


as the database grows

so does the file on


until the day your card gets pulled.


© Copyright 2020 delapruch. All rights reserved.

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