successful old friend

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Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012




rubbing it in your face

that s/he has turned out to be

something that you didn’t,

not that the two of you had

the same thing in mind

when you were both


but the fact remains that there’s

the kind of person who

hides with age,

buried in regret &

constantly stuck in

reliving the past

with nothing but memories to

haunt &

the kind of person who has

accomplished something that

they set out to

in the very beginning &

with that,

they feel like they need to tell

the world, like they need to

update those with whom they grew


as if no one else has changed at all,

as if everyone was rooting for them

the whole time &

their dinky little small town

was nestled round the boob tube

waiting years for their face to

appear on

prime time.


this kind of person is most certainly

hard to deal with,

because they have fallen out of reality &

walk with a different crowd now,

but in a genuine attempt to

“stay with their roots,”

they try to communicate with those

whose lives stopped whilst theirs continued

to move forward---

it just doesn’t work.



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