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...the late Bill Hicks. Hicks was popular in England, a country with strict gun laws. England, he noted, only had 14 gun murders a year, while the U.S. had 23,000.

"But there’s no connection," Hicks said. “You’d be a fool and a communist to suggest it. No connection at all between having a gun and shooting someone with it and not having a gun and not shooting someone.”

Link: http://www.nbcchicago.com/blogs/ward-room/Ali-G-Chris-Rock-and-Bill-Hicks-on-Gun-Control-97679969.html#ixzz3ktadLTEw

does everyone remember
seung-hui cho?
he’s the kid who at age 23
paraded round the campus of
virginia tech &
sprayed bullets left &
killing 32 people and wounding
described as shy,
& immensely christian---
he left a note the day of the massacre stating,
“i died like jesus christ,
to inspire generations of the weak and
defenseless people.”
long story short,
this young man had some problems &
he took it upon himself to lock n’ load his
glock 19 in one hand, walther p22 in the
& then filled them with
(bullets made to create greater damage to tissue)---
marching with a pace of pure unadulterated
mowing down 57 before taking out himself. 
prior to this horrendous occasion at virginia tech,
maybe, for reasons of further attempts at beating a point into the
we should review a few other shootings which took lives on
school grounds, prior to
cho’s spree:
university of texas, 1966---16 dead.
california state university, fullerton, 1976---7 dead.
cleveland school in california, 1989---6 dead.
university of iowa, 1991---6 dead.
westside middle school, arkansas, 1998---5 dead.
columbine high school, colorado, 1999---13 dead.
red lake senior high school, minnesota, 2005---8 dead.
amish school shooting, pennsylvania, 2006---6 dead.
virgina tech…
northern illinois university, 2008---6 dead.
in conclusion:
students + guns + school grounds = multiple deaths.
so, can anyone understand the increase in
weapon concealment legislation
being pushed in
tennessee, & of course,
the good senator ron gould in arizona
tried his best to push his
sb1467 bill through, which
“prohibits any educational institution governing board from adopting or enforcing any policy or rule that prohibits the lawful possession or carrying of a weapon on a public right-of-way.”
the sane governor jan brewer vetoed it
this past april
due to what she called a
“lack of clarity” as to what qualified as a
educational institution---
for as far as we all know, that could be
gould comprised his bill because he felt that
if students had guns then they would be able to
defend themselves.
to him, schools with an enforced policy of “no guns,”
will leave the students there
why is it so hard for some people to see that where there are
there is the possibility for deaths to come from the usage of those
bill hicks used to sum up this irrational fact of america’s gun policies
by quoting the deaths due to guns in
england in a given year & then
comparing the number to the fatalities in america
which were due to guns.
the results in visual form can be imagined as a
penny or a small pebble sitting on the seat of a teeter-totter---
with a 300 pound fat kid ready to jump on the other side.

Submitted: May 22, 2011

© Copyright 2022 delapruch. All rights reserved.

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