temporal tap dance on cloud 9

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Submitted: November 27, 2011

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Submitted: November 27, 2011



all the bitter things can fade without a moment’s


when melody sets in

when tones thought so comfortable to the one in pain

flood the room---

these notes, tunes, rhythms bring one to the special


the minute seconds of one’s life

where one wishes it would last forever &

the tears of joy can enter in

where the covering of the face is sometimes essential

because such bliss can be embarrassing

creating thoughts like

everything’s gonna be ok &

inside the pushing away of everything trying to slowly



you &

a rush of exciting sensations giggle their way into the


pumping in the heart a new lightening fire &

where there was once a great passion lacking

there now is a great one growing &

out through the fingertips

glowing like E.T

stretching out to touch that of a loved one

stretching out to make a new acquaintance

stretching out to link up communication again

with the world that almost had been


teetering on the brink

we’re teetering on the brink of something new

every time the bitter things fade

every time they pass

if but for only a few moments &

if we could just fold them up to keep them stashed

away in our


until they were needed again

then that would be a wonderful turn of


this identification of the extent to which out brains

the extent to which our emotions can fluctuate &

produce more things beyond the mere survival of our


we pass on, all in the blink of an eye

until all the bitter things pop right back.

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