tension brewing

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Submitted: September 11, 2012

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Submitted: September 11, 2012



every town can be a tense one,

given the right circumstances,

given the right squashing of

personalities into the right

sardine can &

when the fuses get lit

perfectly, so as to burn quick &

thrust the whole scene into a

frenzy, no one can claim

that they didn’t see it coming

when we were there the whole

time to witness the

tension brewing.


have there always been those


you know, the ones

who see what’s happening between

a couple of people rising in anger &

feel the need to personally try &

defuse it before there is a pool of

blood staining the carpet---

and what motives have these, the

“peacemakers,” who may be successful

in talking down a potentially disastrous



there will always be the ones who flee

quickly, as that first whiff of coming

conflict starts filling the air & there

will always be those whose own bloodlust,

be it part of a public persona or deep inside

the most nether regions of their mind,

will keep them watching (and possibly

participating) until the bitter end &

so, what kind of stirring stick are you,

in the tension brew?

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