the absurdity of leaders

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Submitted: February 02, 2011

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Submitted: February 02, 2011



The Absurdity of Leaders
Let’s take for instance the case of a burning building, where in the rage of flames a few struggling individuals looking for a way out by wandering frantically in the smoke. An individual sees a window, an opening, a way out. S/he walks towards it, seeking a way to free her/himself from the situation, and in walking towards the window, while the rest of the chaos continues, turns her/his head back and yells to the others that they have found a way out. 
Does this make her/him a leader? Is there a factor of authority automatically applied to the individual in question now? Knowledge? Is the individual now seen to be better skilled? Does that individual have a long time spent, a lifetime of experience in the field of finding windows in a burning building? Even if they did, until being put to use in such a situation, should they be designated that task, “in case,” there may be a fire that would destroy, enrage, all the other possible ways out? Is this person the designated driver of burning buildings? Like the one sober individual in said scenario, do we allot the responsibility of watching for outlets of escape at any corner, in any room, of any given building that we may enter and re-enter, in the same way that we would that sober individual holding the keys at any given social event? 
If the act of looking back and alerting your other human beings of  impending harm is to be considered grounds for some kind of higher application of value, then must not those that apply this value to said “leader,” acknowledge the reason that they have given for that application? Those that embrace the concept of “the leader,” must also understand that the leadership in this case was denounced by them, upon another, because they were unable to accomplish the task of finding a way out of the burning building themselves. 

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