the accumulant

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
“The point is that you can't be too greedy.”

-Donald Trump

Submitted: December 24, 2011

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Submitted: December 24, 2011



as a child

the amazement with little things,

the wrapper on the present,

(instead of the present itself)

shiny objects & furry fuzzies,

all brought with them an

enjoyment which couldn’t be held onto---

crumbling brittle &

swiftly falling through the hands with the

consistency of

grains of sand.


the passing years allowed for

a new notion to be instilled within by those without

(for the child themself

is not to blame)---

like a hypodermic needle being driven into the


the already-corrupted who have

succumb to the environment of dog-eat-dog


which western “civilization” demands,

watch quietly with mr. smithers-ish sneers

as that same once simple child

is raped of their wonder,

strapped into the seat of eternal labor-for-the-sake &

beat into submission,

running like a cartoon cop with a stick protruding out

in from of them

(with donut swinging from a string),

they learn quickly that

what matters, is not the development of a better self

(whose own progress inside can

benefit those around them through mutual

conversation & communication),

but instead is the accumulation of



these things to be acquired

differ much from those things that could bring smiles


hours when the individual was young,

as they are not meant for enjoyment

but instead,

are needed to assert an achieved sense of worth

as defined through those who have already

given up every other option

which might have existed

prior to becoming material addicts.


the accumulant needs more things

so that those around them will respect what

s/he has done with their brief life,

because this is how respect is gained in the strip mall

we call america


after the accumulant has begun to gain enough things

so as to be coveted by one who has

less things,

they need to spend time & money gaining

security, so as to protect those things

from being taken by others who

have not played their cards in a manner

best suited for the capitalist gang bang,

as the accumulant has done.


the accumulant shows no further signs of being


but instead has become a gerbil

who must continue running on the wheel

in order to produce work for the system that will give


things &

with these things

a tower of excrement

symbolizing a life of

building & building

(according to “the way that it has always been”)

has been constructed---

as long as the gerbil continues to run

the tower continues to grow &

security around its base

continues to be strengthened,

until that day when the gerbil can no longer

run &

the tower is ransacked,

dismantled &


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