the broad

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Submitted: September 16, 2012

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Submitted: September 16, 2012



been addressed as

“broad” while sitting in

the park & “dame” while

on the train, wondering if

it was the fucking 40’s,

thinking these men a pain,

found herself sitting in the

lobby when one turned to

her saying “bitch,” as if it

was just another word to him,

like it didn’t mean a thing &

while in the mini mart near

her neighborhood, a couple

teens saw her move saying

“chica” & when she passed

she heard “pussy” amidst other

words to describe her body,

then down her street those on

the corner who’ve known her

quite some time, referred to her

as “mami” & in the laundry

later that afternoon she gets

labeled “sexual chocolate,”

she gets addressed as “honey,”

“baby,” like she was right back

in a high school classroom,

she gets hit on while folding

her clothes, when propositioned

blatantly for sex by a man calling

her “shorty,” with all the

resistance in the world, she

makes it out on her own & back

down the street, with blood

burning a thousand flames inside,

with tightened, gritted teeth,

the next that comes into her path

presenting himself & saying “ho,”

gets a kick so hard, so strong

so fast in the groin, he hadn’t a

moment to say

“oh no.”

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