the C word

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Submitted: September 20, 2011

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Submitted: September 20, 2011



it’s said by women to women

that the most offensive word

(in the english language)

they can be called is

the C word---

this word cannot be uttered by men around women,

it’s said by women to men,

it’s said by men to men

when conversing about the women who told them

amidst other women or


without other women present.


all words stumble round its usage like

a toddler

meandering across a

fresh patch of ice in slippers made of



as cyanide in your favorite drink or

perhaps something of a barbed wire jockstrap

you know better than to tread that water,

best to swim instead of sink---

but men will call each other this word

like its nobody’s business

especially in england

and it’s laughable

how quickly its forgotten that women still


these areas said to be inhabited only by those with


it is still a word isn’t it?

one of many,

whose disgustingness has brought violence with them

for hundreds if not

thousands of years.


so will this word be picked up by women who

feel its usage to be violent, misogynistic & vile,

only then subsequently appropriating it for their own

giving it new meaning?

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