the city on the hill

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Submitted: April 13, 2012

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Submitted: April 13, 2012



we’re taught to want the city on the hill

to live there, to reign there,

to step on everyone else’s back on the

way there---

we’re taught to strive for a place amongst the

star studded eyes

the life we see in celluloid

not the one that we actually have,

so that every day is one dissatisfied with

something & therefore,

to struggle struggle struggle &

only worry about ourselves & the making of the


keeps us silent (so as to not rock the boat) &

“properly motivated”

(eyes on the “prize” so we’re distracted from

everything else),

and just what is the prize?

did we learn it in kindergarten?  even earlier?

at what point in the formative years do the caregivers,

whomever they might be,

beat the message home

that to swim astray is to live astray & to live astray is

to die astray & alone,

so best to not do anything that you aren’t


and good little citizens

like horses at the park

tied to the carriages with blinders on both sides of our


keeping us tied up &

keeping us focused ahead on one goal & one goal


we clomp ahead

whilst someone who has even reached that point of

disgusting submission

scampers along behind with a itty bitty shovel

scooping up our shit.

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