the cooling dawn

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Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012



morning brought with it

a cooling dawn, one which

seemed to flush away all the

heat accumulated during the

night before,

what with the haze of humidity &

the global warming deep fry

bringing his blood to boil &

the sweat streaming down

lost calories & a sticky, salty,


which had dripped in a

stubborn pattern of droplets

one after the other,

in a campaign of annoyance,

almost as if nature itself

was trying to keep him


but alas,

the mind wins out in the struggle &

as his years had brought him to

this place where a hot day would

inevitably demand complete

exhaustion in the night,

so did the night take him into a

dreamy oasis &

he found himself knee deep in the

cerulean Mediterranean

whose waves gently tickle his legs

blazing from the heat

but soon chilled like a glass

left in the fridge for a bit

to cool that drink in the

blistering Mississippi

afternoon in


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