the downside of restraint

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Submitted: August 01, 2012

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Submitted: August 01, 2012



though the two

held in their extreme

horniness, there was

no hiding that look in

their eyes---that one

where the want to tear

off the clothes of

said hot body was

one which brought

them carnally back to

the roll in the hay of

their ancestors &

for a minute, there

was no doubt between

the both of them that

the historical reenactment

of just such a climactic


was only around the bend,

as the night progressed &

the passions built


but the both of them,

having had more

relationships than they

would care to remember

(all of them failed, hence

the reason for the current

state of affairs),

felt the need to prolong

the initial orgasmic

rampage, in order to

establish a deeper

connection, in hopes that

the subsequent bond between

the both of them might

lead to something more

substantial, than the typical

fleeting summer romance,

which the both of them knew

all too well.


problem is,

the body often gets what the

body wants,

regardless of the consequences &

so while these two were trying

to work out a deeper

connection, one of them

varied off the path on the off-hours

to indulge in the arms of


taking with them the passion

that had been about to burst

when in the presence of the




old habits showed up

like they always do,

leaving one lonely person left

sexually frustrated &


sent whining & crying into the

friend zone,

never to be heard of again.

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