the following morning

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Submitted: March 16, 2012

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Submitted: March 16, 2012



ah, how cruel life can be

when the roll-over produces that delicate shame

produced in the morning

when the night is barely remembered

but the person the night was shared with

lays there,

still asleep, still unaware of your own newfound


so how did it get to this point?

how ridiculous was the idea that two people who 5

seconds ago were at each other’s throats & then,

wam, bam, what a’ sham

when the whole thing in retrospect

has simply thrown fuel on the fire &

oh, how it will burn---

yes, it’s gonna burn when s/he wakes up &

sees the look on your face,

no doubt s/he is probably laying there at the exact

same instant

fake-sleeping with eyes closed &

full of a dramatic wellspring

which has no possibility of solace,

no bring back together of two world’s that had gone


“but were meant for each other,” no,

the lie had been cast last night &

now the consequences get to stroll in &

sit down across from the both of you

competing in a chucklefest

until their heads pop off like daisies. 



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