The Fruit Cake Twins

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Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



one fake smile said to another

fake smile at this “holiday” time of


that it was great to see them &

that they’d been thinking of them all year

with the obligatory hug

followed by the obligatory chuckles at

jokes that aren’t funny

with a few questions about the family

(yawn) or inquiry about a family that

said fake smile might not have yet

with condescension &

awkward back paddling (yikes) applied

directly thereafter

all summed up with an expected moment of

obligatory gift-giving

accompanied by momentary tearing of

packaging &

the arrival upon the notion that each

fake smile has been similarly

uninspired & cheap,

as between the two fake smiles

lie in the their prospective hands

two fruit cakes---

two fruit cakes,

saying less to another person during a moment of

obligatory gift-giving than might a

gift certificate

or perhaps even just a shrug of the shoulders

(with a silent mental phlegm wad on the whole of

it all)---

two fruit cakes,

like the doublemint twins themselves at age 80 or so

came right up to both fake smiles

kissing them with hairy lips, loss of teeth &

a case of bad breath that would make those mad


down below in their underground bases

start to wonder that if they could contain it somehow,

it could be spread over large stretches of the next


by stealth bombers or drones in any one of our

perpetual wars---

two fruit cakes,

now staring up at the mutual fake smiled,

mutual fake laughing (oh my, what are the chances

that this could happen?),

thinking of nothing else but

just how long it will take them to get home,

rewrap these things &

pawn them off on another sucker


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