the hard-pressed holiday dater

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nothing exposes a settler like the glowing x-mas tree on a clear night in a cityscape.

Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011



all the glitz, glam & gluttony

that comes with this time of year

in our overstuffed, overwhelmed,


provoke through the television screen

on the streets, in the restaurants, in the

parks, in the stores, in the warmest of places &

the coldest,

a sense that one must be attached to another

to frolic with the fishes

to be capable of anything close to happiness.


so like clockwork,

desperation piles in &

those who might never have settled for such

ridiculous company,

turn over a new leaf (regardless of whether they are

really sincere to themselves about the whole thing)---

what follows is a series of dates that

hold none of the importance that a relationship which

might of spontaneously ignited

with a growing interest from both individuals

culminating in an explosion of

newness & beauty

which may very well flourish into any number of

positive things---

these dates fulfill their obligations

they help the making of appearances at family


they ensure a conversation piece (no matter how dull)

at any number of parties or public gatherings &

quite possibly they might keep said individuals

seemingly warm through the winter months.


but when the new year has rung in all the bells &

whistles of


and after valentine day’s capitalist pounding takes its


the side-effects of the holiday dater’s submission to

such a

desperate move become apparent &

everything soon crumbles when the spring months

begin to

show the face of freshness

riling even the most committed

to look elsewhere for that burst of energy---

soon the december to may is traded in for a

may to


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