the hope of wrong

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no one is rehabilitated from the very act of living.

Submitted: December 26, 2011

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Submitted: December 26, 2011



found within the many

rather than the few

the hope of wrongdoing


(happenings which may have no explanation

worthy of the damage done

to self, to family, to friends

spontaneously aroused by

incessant turmoil whose cause

cannot be determined to be

any one person’s violent efforts

but instead must be linked to

a psychopathology of the




and with it comes actions

which have their base in something of a

common human horror

wanting “bad” things to happen to

“good” people

wanting “bad” things to happen to

“bad” people &

subsequently delighting when they



this spiral seems to have no end &

the time spent swirling, orbiting the

eye of the hurricane,

is time wherein one watches & learns the hurt---

as one is hurt by another

one passes on that hurt to someone else,

because if it can happen to you

it can happen to me &

the whole while

our shells become harder

our punches become stronger

our premeditation becomes sharper &

our rate of success grows,

like we were all carrying

our own little voodoo dolls

wrapped up inside us

equating our own selfish greed

with that of terrible destruction

coming from our very hands.

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