the lie detection expert

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Submitted: September 01, 2012

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Submitted: September 01, 2012



how much spite has this

“expert” accrued, how many

times has said “expert”

been “wronged?” how many

times have they been

manipulated (that is, how

many times does it take

to propel them into

“earning the proper

credentials” to write a

book & to base a life on

promoting the self-help

of others, who apparently

can’t do it themselves)?


when the passion is gone &

the dust has cleared, when

one party has become bored

with the other (regardless of

whether or not they see fit to

show it, address it, etc.),

then the




if s/he is “lying,”

please remember, “expert,”

that it is you & you alone that

brought yourself into this mess,

yes, it is you & you alone

who lived in the fairytale naïveté

that inevitably brought you to this

place, it’s

you who believed that you’d found

the proverbial “one” &

it’s you & you alone, who let your

guard down.


and when the hurt comes, it will

burn you, stress you out to an extent

never imagined before & it will

break you up inside to a point that

you will never be able to assemble

yourself back together the same

way as you had before you met

said “liar”---

no matter how many books you

write, no matter how many people

you think you “save,” you cannot

get beyond the pain remaining

from a bad decision, unless you

do so for yourself, preferably

without pronouncing your

discovery of some great “truth”

which you alone hold & thus

feel the need to spread out to

the world (and in doing so, beef

up your own deflated ego).

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