the manipulators

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Submitted: February 22, 2012

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Submitted: February 22, 2012



after the frenzy is over

(undeniable) and the boundaries are

beginning to take root,

sooner than later come the

acts of manipulation---

these acts of pure insecurity &

wanton control are the backbone

of any good breakup &

definitely any good destructive

fall between two people who might

of at some point in time believed that

they understood each other.


discussing with their friends instead of their

significant others, the two learn ways of

trying to make each other do what they want

without asking them, like puppet masters learning

their craft without truly considering

what the partner thinks at all &

so come the incessant demands,

so come the dwelling on the physical flaws

so come the reading of magazines which instruct,

so come the fostering of advice via television

psychiatrists & talk show hosts,

so come the admiration for machiavellian manners of

trying to train one another as if they were one of

pavlov’s own,

so come the dwelling on the specific & meticulous,

so come the flirtations with others in front of the


so come the psychological torments,

so come the withholding of everything from sex to

warm feelings & the back off of courting,

so come the inevitable building back up of the


so come all the side effects of

a life less honest &

one more step closer to

hating someone that you barely know

but most certainly could have.

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