the opportunist

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Submitted: July 22, 2012

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Submitted: July 22, 2012



s/he’ll stand for just what you

want her/too,

s/he’ll pull out all the stops,

s/he’ll stay up all day & night

to gain another ballot box,

s/he’ll visit towns & villages

that no one knows exist,

s/he’ll bow down, suck off,

kiss up, bend over,

as long as the election

s/he wins.


s/he takes on many faces

s/he’s new & improved,

comfortable & old fashioned---

s/he’s as hip as you need her/him

to be, s/he’s as comfortable &

quaint (like mash potatoes,

ice cream & all comfort foods of

the self-pity-alone-on-a-weekend-

night can produce)---

s/he’s the friend you’ve always known,

s/he’s the famous one you


s/he’s the key to all your happiness &

if you don’t think so right now,

s/he will convince you



s/he says everything that YOU want to,

so that you don’t need to get off the


s/he is as photogenic as a supermodel

or as ugly as the Grouch---

for what it takes to win your faith

in this crippled & corrupt


is nothing but a moment of your time &

a voice for you to





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