the parasomniac

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Submitted: April 27, 2012

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Submitted: April 27, 2012



teeth gnashing

teeth grinding

breaths coming

sporadically &

each time the seizing feeling rips through

feels like one step closer to the end

legs doing a dance

all their own

arms twisting like a pretzel

violent dreams impeding any possibility of


that might have arisen,

instead replaced by a

fluctuation in the separation between waking reality &

the sleeping state

a wash over tidal wave of

blending occurs &

what comes next cannot be certain---

like the fictional lore of werewolves

or the time spent out of the coffin by mythical


s/he walks among us

in the world his/her head has firmly established

but one in which the rest of us had no

agreement upon &

the walk may be a long one

it may entail more than we bargained for &

the sleepwalking, sleepliving

may very well take us down

nightmare ave.

where the thrusts not allowed in the everyday

come full throttle in the sleep

or the beatings not allowed in the daylight

come pounding, punching & thrashing in the


everything is possible in this state of no restraint

when the body gets back at the mind for

pushing it to drag on in a world that holds no meaning

for either of them.


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