the rising scum

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“Unfortunately, you can't vote the rascals out, because you never voted them in, in the first place.”

-Noam Chomsky, in a talk titled "Government in the Future" at the Poetry Center of the New York YM-YWHA, February 16, 1970

Submitted: March 17, 2012

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Submitted: March 17, 2012



watching an election campaign in the US

is like watching the scum rise in a heated garbage can

that has sat out behind a restaurant all night

after a downpour filled it up to the brim---

with all the horrid smelling trash floating around the


in no particular direction---

one notices a plethora of little bits of filth & miniscule


all swirling round,

like the explosive diarrhea expelled out of

an american politician’s mouth

when the going is getting tough &

the name of the game is to sling the dirt

in order to taint the opponent’s image,

as if any of them were ever clean from the

blood & shit they began to wallow in

when beginning to rise on the political ladder

through a sequence of sodomy, blow jobs &

constantly taking part in murderous oppression

via all the parties that put moola in their pockets

on the way to the white house---

so now we watch the two Repugnants

fighting it out like cocks in a cock fight

digging, scratching,

biting & bleeding---

all for the sake of power

all for the sake of

making large decisions

that will reverberate throughout the 21st century,

affecting us all, but including




and our necks are gripped tight

by the hands of the same vultures that feast on the

deaths that the US military continues to bring,

by the hands of the same vultures that fill their


with the money that could actually help out our

domestic population

by the hands of the same vultures who are

responsible for the last economic crisis &

who will be responsible for the next &

by the hands of the same property owning white boys

that have run this country

since they sat down to write the constitution 225

years ago.



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