the shush

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Submitted: August 01, 2012

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Submitted: August 01, 2012



s/he turns to her/his

significant other whilst

sitting amidst others at

some kind of social function

that for all intent & purpose

has absolutely no intent or

purpose, but to only give

grown adults the sense that

there is some meaning in

life when deep down they

all know there isn’t---

when s/he turns, s/he makes

a physical movement unique

to the both of them,

a bit of sullen code derived from

their secret little idiosyncratic

prison, of which they have

both pledged up till’ now a

few years of their young lives &

when it happens, the

“shushed” individual

who has been signaled not so

subtly, finds this to be uncalled

for & maybe it was the fact that

the train took so long to get

them to where they wanted to

be or maybe it was the fact that

the dinner wasn’t worth the

scratch or maybe, just maybe,

said individual has grown fed

up with their present partner in

crime’s attempt to silence them

as if they were a dog in the

midst of a whisperer.


what follows is an exchange

which though they both may

regret later, though it may actually

destroy the connection between

both of them (for it reveals the

true nature of the deadened bond

between them---as its weight has

increased due to the public witness

of the event), it just might be the

most honest that they have been

with each other in a long time.

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