the shut down

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Submitted: January 08, 2012

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Submitted: January 08, 2012



the double edged sword

flailed by all

whenever a social connection is


revealing its apical paradox

like a mangy rabid dog who will also

cuddle on a saturday afternoon next to your leg

(almost purring like a cat)

while you read your favorite book in peace---

the very fact that when two people meet

all cards are off the table &

yet because this new conversation is taking place

amidst the billion that encircle,

the naïve can be pulled into a fantasy that

this is not so---


the fact remains that this person across the café table

or sitting on that bar stool next to you

holds within them a trunk full of experiences---

some that would make anyone jealous

rife with riveting moments &

some that would terrify even the most indomitably


among us.


and even if you make it across the moat

the wall round the innermost parts of this new person

may be unclimbable,

they may be slick with oil &

there may be buckets of scalding water, hot pitch, the

fat of animals & quick lime

all positioned along the uppermost part of the wall

ready to be dropped on the face of anyone


to get inside.



for the naïve who think that everyone should be open

to new social connections, new friendships,

new relationships & new lovers,

a rude awakening awaits

when one comes face to face with someone who is



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