the single guy waiting with his groceries at the register whilst a child screams & mother whispers/growls obscenities

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Submitted: February 11, 2012

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Submitted: February 11, 2012



after placing the divider stick

between the groceries making their way on the


towards the cashier &

his own,

he begins to unload his foodstuffs onto the belt

amidst the escalating drama in front of him---

a small child, age 2 or so,

sits in the cart while mother deals out her coupons &

the frustrated late teen cashier

picks them up one by one to scan them---

the young child didn’t get its way or something

and begins to throw a fit,

yelling, crying &

muttering things about what the mother had

apparently promised

but obviously did not follow through---

mother’s anger shows on her face &

while dealing coupons, trying to pay her best attention


each subtracted amount from the screen in front of

the cashier,

she looks back intermittently at the child and growls

at him a

threat concerning what is going to happen

if said child doesn’t stop carrying on---

though the whole scene is extremely annoying, loud &

unfortunately more the rule than the exception at the

grocery store

on a saturday afternoon,

the single guy smiles,

happier than shit

that he doesn’t have to deal with such




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