the starchtarian

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Submitted: December 26, 2012

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Submitted: December 26, 2012



probably had their heart set on

consuming only greens,

probably thought that’d they’d

shed the pound, might’ve been a

resolution for the new year,

might’ve been a sudden love of

animals that led them to getting rid

of anything that hung in their


that they washed their heads with,

rubbed all over their body or

stuffed in their stomachs---

might’ve been a life growing up of

meat n’ potatoes & a sudden assertion

of freedom to eat whatever the fuck

they wanted, once they left the nest,

might’ve been a movie that showed the

cruelties done to animalkind by

humankind that shocked the shit out

of em’,

might’ve just been a want for a change &

on the micro,

up came



in the short range,

they stuck to the program,

they shoveled in the carrots, the lettuce,

the cukes, the tomatoes, the celery, the

green peppers, the yellow, the orange,

the red &

along with the veggies came a long list of

fruits, to try to pull a fast one on that

sweet tooth with

natural sugars.


seemed like it could last forever,

before being confronted with that first source

of starch,

which isn’t against the vegetarian law---

though most will say that they eat mostly

vegetables, they be lying through their teeth---

so with this,

more breads, more cereals, more grains, more

cinnamon buns, more potato chips, more

cheese pizzas, more breadsticks, more

bagels, etc.

weasels its way into the life of this

vegetarian, whose life becomes more of a

dedication to the starches than the


for they fill the stomach,

for they are easier to get (available at every

fast food place---a la sugars, fats, starches &

barely any veggies anyway) &

said vegetarian better face up to what it is that

they’ve really become,

a starchtarian.

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