the understanding

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Submitted: August 12, 2012

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Submitted: August 12, 2012



the “understanding”


there had been a lack of desire

on both parts & while one party

might have fallen away quicker,

the fact remained that the two of them

wanted to keep every aspect of their

lives the same, with a slight change

in which they could

“see other people,”

“have an open marriage,”





as time went on,

one party revealed more than the other

that this “understanding” between them

was less savory than it had initially

seemed &

secretly, held inside, they began to

fall for the person who no longer shared

their bed,

all over again---


just like the little children

which they both often resembled,

what with their drama, spats &

fighting in the sandbox,

party #2 did not

disappoint &

found themselves deep in the pants of

another, younger, more energetic


who did not judge them

as if they’d known them forever

(as said spouse notoriously had,

like they were somehow entitled to

engaging in such criticism).


in an agreed upon arrangement,

the party in love became jealous,

trying to make like it wasn’t bothering them,

attempting to go on with the rest of their

life ignoring the new spring in their spouse’s


but it becomes slow torture, this

waiting for the other to come around &

one can only kid themselves for so

long, before they come to the understanding

with themselves, that they have been


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