the unsatisfactory retrospective

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Submitted: August 25, 2012

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Submitted: August 25, 2012



found her/himself shouting at the

world, but alas, the world did not

shout back, found him/herself

staring out at the sea, but alas,

the waves did not come crashing

back, found her/himself massaging

the balding skull, but alas, the

hair follicles did not grow back,

found him/herself whispering

sweet nothings to said lover, but

alas, s/he did not whisper back,

found her/himself asking said

“god” for forgiveness/guidance/

love/hope/etc., but alas, said

“god” said nothing/did nothing

back, found him/herself trying

to work out a life plan, setting

up all the prospective steps to

make something of her/himself,

but alas, life did not act

accordingly, found him/herself

pondering suicide (in order to

sum up all events), but alas,

the mind did not cooperate at

the point of no return, found

her/himself paralyzed in a

hospital bed (the bullet didn’t

abide the will of the trigger

finger), wanting a moral to

the story, but alas…

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