the wisewo/man

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Submitted: September 18, 2012

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Submitted: September 18, 2012



s/he’s almost smiling

at all times of the day,

like there’s some secret

that only s/he knows but

that which only s/he is

completely ignorant of,

as it’s clear to her/him that

to know anything is to

pause in the act of learning,

so as to assert a place of

stagnation which most would

call conclusive evidence.


s/he walks with no speed &

is always listening, s/he’s

the friend that is always

there, but never needed,

s/he has the right advice at

the wrong times & won’t

give it at the times one

insists desperately that they

cannot do without.


s/he does not shy from the

spotlight & for that there never

is one looking, s/he resides

in the most content of nowheres

& the everyday piles upon the

next, s/he has a knowledge of

self as much as the next & is

never insisting that this is the

case, wondering just when it

will all be proven wrong,

s/he cares not for elements of

“faith” or “trust” or words that

represent these supposed feelings,

s/he exists in the process of the

moment & finds meaning in the

juggling of laughs which increase

the smiling around her/him.


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