the x-mas tree salesman

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Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011



every happy face, every twinkle in the eye

approaches with or without a child,

bundled up regardless of whether there is snow on

the ground

regardless whether it is actually cold outside &

the first thing they ask is how much a tree is.


the question is asked,

regardless if there is a big sign just in front of the mass


trees standing,

in which said salesman is pacing slowly,

waiting for the next vessel of

holiday cheer

to enter their world---

and because the salesman bites their tongue,

despite whatever it is that they themselves might be


there is not a lashing out at the


who, bubbling with excitement ,

probably wouldn’t listen to them anyway,

when they remark that

the price of the trees was posted,

and that said customer passed it just as they came

fleeting in.


sometimes the person who shows up for a tree

has been sent by another,

for you can see the “errand” in their face---

they do not walk with wide glowing eyes,

and often they have no child dragging behind them---

the salesman wonders if in fact,

this person, more than the others,

is on a level more conducive to her/himself.


for the salesman, alas,

cannot join in on the private bliss of every

domestic happy drone who comes tumbling in---

they may even be thinking,

possibly even pondering

all the holiday suicides that pile up around this

time of year,

and it just doesn’t come with a smile.

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