tomatoes for hillary

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012



wish i could have been

in Egypt

earlier today, to join in

throwing tomatoes &

chanting “Monica! Monica!

Monica!” with those who

were disgusted by Sec. of

State Clinton’s arrival to

help beef up american

companies in the newly

submissive country,

under the guise of the need

to help bolster the economy

of Egypt.


parading outright falsity

promulgated by her own

facial expressions &

repetitive fake assurances

in every single speech she makes

to the wealth of countries in the

middle east, whom the US has

blown to pieces, plans on blowing

to pieces, or will stand idly & quietly

aside whilst its little psychotic

brother, Israel, blows them to

pieces---every act of going to shake

hands & smile

with puppets hanging from

american strings,

is one for which the world

fosters no illusions.


certainly she mentioned in confidence

(with a metaphorical gun to Mursi’s

head) that after Obama is elected again &

Israel uses an excuse that Hezbollah

is attacking them in order to send an

all out air attack into Lebanon, thus

forcing Hezbollah to attack so that

Israel will claim that Iran is aiding

Hezbollah, giving it “probable cause”

to make that fatal move to launch

destruction upon the region when they

move on Tehran---that it be better for

them to be on the side of the


than to help anybody else,

for in the end,

we all know who has the most nukes,

the most biological weapons,

the most drones,

the most aggressive tendencies &

they aren’t afraid to use them---


i’m not saying that seeing a tomato

splat on hillary’s suit would have

kept our species from going extinct

due to a catastrophic nuclear exchange,

but it might of relieved just a



bit of tension.

© Copyright 2020 delapruch. All rights reserved.

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