unrealistic demands

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Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012



didn’t think that living again

was an option, after having drained

out every last bit like the puss n’ blood

from a zit & the extract dripping down

your once-young face reminds

us all that you’re a fine disgrace

what with your

want for it all to get better &


unrealistic demands

on the people around you

damning those who might even consider

loving you but

the true be told is the one you hold

deep within your most honest place &


you know that “love” is a charade anyway,

because this illusion of free will is

one that you invested so much in for oh so

long &

when it all came to &

the gig was up, it just didn’t ring like it

used to,

the first kiss from the first spring fuck

just didn’t make you shiver like it all

was supposed to &

now, shriveling up inside &

wrinkling on the exterior

you want the next person you meet to

bring you back to where you were

when things were better,

but isn’t this the most selfish &

the least possible of outcomes?


who do you fool in this venture but


for making the effort.

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