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"There's nothing worse than too late"-Charles Bukowski.

Submitted: June 07, 2014

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Submitted: June 07, 2014



Dream a big dream of a small thing. Do it day by day. Do it until it hurts. Do it until you bleed.

Handed by God, retrieved by society. I would’ve said the devil but it’s pretty much the same thing.

Do not let them make you dream a small dream out of something big, do not let them smoke your brains out. There was once a child who grew up thinking he was different from all, acting different from all. He always thought he was a good for nothing, he always thought he could never achieve what others could. By the time he got to his teen years he thought that all of that could change, if he changed himself. But as time passed and he be-friended people he never felt truly comfortable with but didn’t care because they were the popular ones and he wanted to be recognized. He ended up doing the same mistake, thinking he wasn’t good enough. He never got the girls he liked, he never got a personality that made him fight. He succumbed to drugs and alcohol and tobacco. He started hanging out with kids who did the same. Kids who felt the same.

By the time he was a user, he thought that his life was not the life he expected, he never thought how truly cruel and sad and unfair the world could be. But then again, he’s just a teen…and teens haven’t lived so much yet, and they don’t know so much yet. That might be true, and I might not be the only one with these thoughts and feelings…But I swear every day I get more tired of living. That once I get to the limit, I don’t think I’ll have any.

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