violin & piano

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Submitted: January 08, 2012

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Submitted: January 08, 2012



violín y piano


stirring trembling insanity on the

sprung floor, the leaps that lead to

balancing feats that no one can top---

she takes her time leaving

flawless & sculpted in her leotard

making her way home to shower &

get ready for the evening---her life is

dance, her life is energy---a candle

that will not die down, but simply will

blow out one day on its own from so

much movement in the wind.


his fingers trace the beats in his mind

all along the ivories & holding on his

shoulder, the Stradivarius lets out its

eerie melodies, like the knife edge raking

slowly across the skin, causing goose bumps

to form when the hairs are not being cut,

like a stranger just around the corner

waiting to have their way, like a wild

animal in the forest who is out for blood.


she arrives in a long dark blue evening gown &

grasps his strong hands in her own, as they

take to the floor---only a few lights shine

amidst the moonlight casting in from outside

through the large windows stretching from

floor to ceiling.


swaying together slowly, soon in sync with the

music between them, intensity in their gaze,

a pulsating beat within their hearts, moist lips &

energy spiked throughout---fingertips dance

each other gently as when a mute swan meets the


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