waning affection

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Submitted: December 18, 2012

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Submitted: December 18, 2012



perhaps it was the amount of time

that you waited to reciprocate,

perhaps you spent too long

thinking about it,

perhaps you had other things on the


perhaps you found yourself looking

round for other options at the same


perhaps your eyes were discombobulated

(rolling backwards in your head),

perhaps you thought them too young or

perhaps you thought them too old,

perhaps they were too wealthy &

you figured they wouldn’t

appreciate you or

perhaps they were flat broke &

you didn’t feel like shelling out the


perhaps you though them ugly,

perhaps their beauty intimidated,

perhaps they lived too close,

perhaps too far away,

perhaps they came with too much baggage,

perhaps they seemed cold &

you couldn’t explain why,

perhaps they were just perfect &

that’s why you felt it would never work,

perhaps you have a pattern of enlisting the

company of jerks,

perhaps you wanted their attention &

you were just too shy or stubborn to show it,

because now that they have lost interest in you,

you wish that you had

shown it.


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